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Miami Swim Week Introduces Body Inclusivity as a New Initiative

As a young professional Latina, I am tired of seeking for a body that me, my friends, and family members won’t be able to achieve even if we eat salads for a year. The unattainable ‘perfect body’ from Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. I know I speak for millions of women who have been bombarded with images, videos and ideas that can cause a deep loose confidence through the years. 

Luckily, the fashion world is listening to our call for real, beautiful, diverse representation. At Miami Swim Week 2021, brands like PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, Sport Illustrated, and others raised a high bar for future fashion events.

PrettyLittleThing included transgender models, models of all colors and sizes, pregnant women and those with disabilities. Real, beautiful bodies that we see in the real world.

New brands like UK-based Boohoo taught older brands a lesson: Listen to your audience and offer what they are looking for. Their runway show celebrated diversity in body types and colors.

Peruvian blogger Camila Carrillo got to attend multiple shows at the MSW2021. “The most beautiful thing about this Miami Swim Week is that prejudices have been left behind and we have seen diversity and inclusion. Being a short woman I felt identified and motivated to know that talent is exceeding stereotypes,” Carrillo shared.

Not only customers and spectators applaud this fashion show, but we can see that the editorial world is also amazed by the statement made by the MSW2021 

Lupita Magaña, fashion editor at shares her excitement regarding the show: “I’ve been writing for a while, and covering inclusive events does not happen as often as I would like it to. The Miami Swim Week 2021 was definitely a step in the right direction, and the only direction I want fashion to go.”

As we can all agree, being real and representing the diversity of the world we share is something we need to be working on at every level. 

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