My name is Emily. I grew up on a farm. I really want my grandkids to be able to enjoy the same kind of childhood I did. So when my dad said he was thinking about letting a solar developer use part of his property for an energy project, I had questions.

Turns out he had been skeptical too, but started getting curious because his neighbors were generating steady income while being able to keep living on their farms and still have acreage left for hay or corn use.

“Just makes sense. Reliable income. Drought resistant crop.” He laughed.

He said his neighbors had answers to his questions about his rights in the proposed contract. “It’s the real deal,” he said. But I still wasn’t sure… Until he brought out the big guns…

He said that mom had run the whole thing by her lawyer.

And the thing is, my folks want to die on their property.

They don’t want to rent it to factory farms anymore, and If they sell, they’d have to move. Then my kids and their kids would definitely not be spending their summers walking through our farm—our family’s land.

I don’t know what will happen next, but I’m with my dad leasing part of his land for solar. He also likes the idea that his farm could independently help create reliable, clean power for our state.

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