How One Mom’s Shoe Pile Changed a Community

Amy, a busy mom of three, walked into her home after a long day of errands to see her family’s sneakers piled up by the door…yet again.

Looking at the mess, Amy wanted to just throw them all in the trash, knowing most of the shoes weren’t being worn anyhow. But then a flyer on the table caught her eye…

What did Amy see??

Turns out there’s a company called GotSneakers with a mission to keep wearable shoes out of the trash, deliver the shoes to people who need them, and make it rewarding for people like Amy.  

Amy joined GotSneakers and got rid of all the unwanted sneakers in her entryway. She kept the shoes out of the trash, made some quick cash, and felt good because she hates throwing anything away if it can be useful to someone.

From such a positive experience, Amy decided to run an ongoing sneaker drive in her local community donating the money to after-school programs. 

Having a bit of cash to help the community while reducing landfill growth and helping those in need was a huge incentive for Amy.

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