Deadly Bomb Cyclone Causes California to Go Into A State of Emergency

A bomb cyclone has slammed into the state of California causing major flooding within the state. Bomb cyclones are storms that typically are formed during the winter season when midlatitude cyclones under rapid intensification. California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared the state of emergency in advance of the National Weather Service (NWS) forecasting heavy rain, snow, strong winds and more flooding within the state. This is impacting Southern California and could impact many people in the area.

Two people have been reported dead from this cyclone, one from a flooded car crash and one from a child being squashed by a tree falling onto a family’s home. From the result of this bomb cyclone and potentially more can result from the power outages, massive flooding and harsh conditions of this storm. 

According to , more than 73,000 homes and businesses were without power — a decrease from the over 180,000 customers that were left in the dark Wednesday. Airports throughout certain parts of California are being canceled due to wind gust exceeding up to 85+mph. 

As NBC4 meteorologist David Biggar explains, “There’s a lot happening in the atmosphere that you can’t see with your eyes.”. Atmospheric rivers contribute to the cause of a bomb cyclone. With them being invisible to the naked eye, you would never know unless you have the technology to monitor the patterns. Atmospheric rivers can be up to 375 miles wide and carry lots of water from the tropical regions and push that water closer towards the poles. 

This storm is expected to continue into the next upcoming week.

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